Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PINK With A Splash - VS

Pink With A Splash - Warm & Cozy
A refreshing, scented spritz to spray wherever you want. Lightly soothes with aloe and chamomile. This latest, limited-edition scent is a comforting blend of toasted vanilla, pink peony and raspberry. 8.5oz
Iza order ngan Ice-Q.... after 3 weeks baru leh dpt... maklum lah dia pun kena order dari UK. Nie body splash. Iza order ngan lotion. Tapi lotion dah out of stock.
Sabo ajer lah menunggu.... Iza baru dapat minggu lepas. Memang marbeles bau nyerrr... sweet ajerr...
Review takens from beautycounter.blogdrive
"Lovely body spray...smells clean to me...also smells like raspberry and vanilla...Victoria's Secret makes wonderful perfumes..."

"Love this! I have the body wash, body spray and lotion. The lotion is ultra moisturizing and makes me so soft. And this is a very inviting fragrance. Try it!"

"great vanilla fresh cozy warm scent all together...love this!"

"This is described as a toasted vanilla, pink peony & raspberry fragrance. I get strong warm vanilla and a slight floral/fruity in the background. I can't specifically pick out the peony or raspberry. That said I love this scent!!Definitely a warm & cozy vanilla scent : )"

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